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Custom Microsoft Office training courses in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Gatineau

Microsoft Office Training

Administration Head Do you want a powerful, unique and effective Microsoft Office training experience? The Microsoft Office training courses at SETC Training are all these things and more. But we will not do this by subjecting you to a series of useless procedural point and click exercises. That is simply a waste of your time. Neither will be have you sit through a full day of flipping through a series of PowerPoint slides, one slide at a time (We don’t use PowerPoint). SETC Training provides high-value Microsoft Office training courses that teach you how to use Microsoft Office products efficiently and effectively in the workplace. Our Microsoft Office training courses will allow you to learn and apply concrete skills that will lead to an immediate performance improvement. We offer effective training courses with unique content that are 2 days or more in length. We guarantee every one or our Microsoft Office training courses to run for 2 people or more (And no course compression). SETC Training offers Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint and Visio training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Gatineau.

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